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Secretary Hargett Urges Caution When Giving To Help Haitian Earthquake Victims
(Published: January 14, 2010)

Secretary of State Tre Hargett is urging people to be cautious and make wise decisions when considering donations to help the Haitian relief efforts.

“Whenever there is a tragedy of this magnitude, people want to do what they can to help,” Secretary Hargett said. “Many people want to contribute money to the relief efforts. Unfortunately, there are scam artists out there who will try to take advantage of that spirit of generosity.”

Secretary Hargett recommends that potential donors follow some basic rules:

  1. Ask a lot of questions. Reputable charitable organizations shouldn’t mind providing their addresses, telephone numbers, web sites and other information to you. Often it is a good idea to follow up with a charitable organization after doing some research rather than making a donation “on the spot.” Reputable groups should also be able to clearly explain how your contribution will be used.