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Division of Elections Creates Town Hall Video for Those Who Missed the Recently Held Statewide Voter Outreach Events
(Published: November 3, 2011)

As part of an ongoing effort to bring awareness to Tennessee voters about a new law that will require them to show a state or federally issued photo identification at the polls starting next year, the Division of Elections has developed a town hall video that may be found on the division’s web page at http://www.GoVoteTn.com.

The video provides information about which forms of photo identification are acceptable and which are not.  The video also explains the options available for those voters who do not have a state- or federally-issued photo ID. 

The video release is following on the heels of voter outreach programs that were hosted by election officials in all 95 of Tennessee’s counties. 

“We realize that not everyone will be able to attend a voter outreach event.  Having the video on the web page allows people to get information about the law when it is convenient for them,” Coordinator of Elections Mark Goins said. “The law is simple.  However, this is a new law and we want to make sure voters are aware of the requirement and the process in place to obtain a photo ID if a voter needs one.” 

In addition to a link to the video, the division’s web page features a summary of the law, a PowerPoint presentation and frequently asked questions.

“We know informing voters about this law is a marathon, not a sprint,” Secretary of State Tre Hargett said. “We plan to continue our voter outreach efforts in the weeks and months ahead. By the time next year’s elections are held, all eligible voters will be aware of the new law and bring the required form of identification with them when they visit the polls."

The new law requires a state- or federally-issued photo ID with the voter’s name. Acceptable forms of photo identification includes Tennessee driver licenses, U.S. Passports, military identification cards, handgun carry permits, Department of Safety and Homeland Security photo IDs and any state or federally issued photo IDs with the exception of college student IDs. Voters who have questions regarding the law are encouraged to contact the Division of Elections office at 1-877-850-4959 or visit http://www.GoVoteTn.com.