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From the Secretary’s Desk: Spreading the Word about One of the State’s Most Historic Buildings
(Published: October 22, 2013)

The Tennessee State Library and Archives has long been a place where important historical records are stored. Now, however, the State Library and Archives is expanding its role by actually creating resources of historical value.

One of the best examples of this is a video documentary that the State Library and Archives’ staff produced on the history of the Tennessee State Capitol. This documentary traces the building’s history from the start of construction through the present day.

The video, which runs slightly less than a half hour, is filled with interesting facts about a special place that belongs to all Tennesseans. It covers serious events, such as the Union Army’s occupation of the building during the Civil War, and not-so-serious ones, like the time a car was driven through the lobby as a publicity stunt.

This video is available for viewing from our web site at http://tnsos.net/capitol/index.php. And we’re also sending copies of the DVD to every public school in the state. The study of history is important because events from the past have an impact on our future.  Learning about these shared experiences can help to positively shape our future paths.  The State Capitol’s history is a part of Tennessee that we all share, regardless of where we live in this great state. This video is particularly useful as a resource for people who don’t have the opportunity to come to Nashville and tour the building themselves.

I encourage Tennesseans, young and old, to see this video. We are also planning to add new resources to complement the online version. These will include a virtual tour of the Capitol and features and fun facts about the building’s history.

As we are moving into the fall months, I want to wish everyone a great holiday season. Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Secretary of State and please feel free to contact my office if you ever have questions or comments about the work we do.