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Fighting the Chill: February’s Theme for Tennessee Business Spotlight
(Published: February 3, 2014)

The slogan on the Crescent Sock Company's website says it all: "We're crazy about socks!"

Cathy Allen, the 112-year-old, family-owned company's president and chief executive officer, backs up that passion with knowledge about socks that may be unmatched. (The knowledge, that is, not the socks.)

Contrary to popular belief, she'll tell you, socks are not "one size fits all." People who are buying socks often consider the coloring or texture of the socks without ever bothering to look at the sizes on the packaging. Also, washing and drying socks inside out reduces wear and tear. And in addition to the standard solid-color styles, Crescent sells socks in a variety of patterns – including dots, stripes, flowers and animal prints.

Crescent, a company based in the tiny McMinn County town of Niota, also gives away many pairs of its socks to people recovering from disasters, those embarking on mission trips and others who are in need.

"Sometimes we forget just how important socks are to people and we take each opportunity we can to help out those in need to keep their feet warm and clean," Allen said. "Being able to do this warms our hearts as much as our socks warm their feet."

Crescent is one of the businesses featured in February's Tennessee Business Spotlight, a feature on the Secretary of State's website that showcases Tennessee companies that provide employment, boost the state's economy and make charitable contributions to the communities in which they are based.

In recognition of this winter's unseasonably cold weather, February's theme for Tennessee Business Spotlight is "Fighting the Chill" – highlighting companies that provide clothing and other items that help keep us warm.

In addition to Crescent, the other companies featured this month are:

"Some people may take for granted companies that provide us with clothing, hot water heaters and other items we need to handle cold weather – until we have a winter like this one," Secretary of State Tre Hargett said. "Then we really appreciate the valuable contribution these businesses provide to Tennesseans and their other customers around the globe. I commend the businesses featured in this month's Tennessee Business Spotlight for all that they do to make our lives safer and more comfortable."

People who visit the Tennessee Business Spotlight web page can learn more about the featured companies' goods and services, operations, employment figures, photos and links to social media and web sites that can provide additional information. To visit Tennessee Business Spotlight, go to www.spotlight.tnsos.net.

To nominate a company to be featured in Tennessee Business Spotlight, please visit the web page and click on the "Submit a Business" link or call (615) 253-8800.