Financial Reports for Registered Charities
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Charitable Organizations and Financial Reports

Learning more about a nonprofit before you donate can ensure that the organization to whom you donate is reputable, and that its mission matches your intentions. However, this can be daunting when you consider that there are more than 20,000 federally recognized organizations in Tennessee. The Division of Charitable Solicitations and Gaming can assist Tennesseans in this research process. This office urges donors to combine generosity with cautiousness, and utilize the tools provided below to assist them.

All charitable organizations must register with this office unless they meet the criteria for exemption. As a part of the registration process, all organizations must submit financial statements for the most recent fiscal year. The division maintains this information in a database, viewable to the public. Financial data includes revenues, expenses, and other changes to the balance sheet. Located below is a search tool that allows users to view registered charitable organizations and all financial statements on file with the division.