Tennessee Ethics Commission

In-State Events


T.C.A. § 3-6-305(8), states lobbyists and employers of lobbyists may provide entertainment, food, refreshments, etc. in connection with an in-state event to which the entire membership of the general assembly has been invited. For 2015 events, the cost per person may not exceed $59 per day. The lobbyist or employer of lobbyist must file a copy of the invitation with the Ethics Commission at least 7 days before the event, and must file an In-State Disclosure form within 30 days after the event an expenditure disclosure report

For more information contact, ethics.counsel@tn.gov.

Total for the 2008 Instate Events is $520,508.18.

Date Event Sponsor(s) Total Expense Expense Per Person Disclosure Form Invite
12/21/2008 Tennessee Titans Tailgate
Tennessee Malt Beverage; State Farm Insurance; AT&T $853.56 $3.30 View Invite
12/7/2008 Tennessee Titans Tailgate
McMahan Winstead; State Farm Insurance; Malt Beverage Association $801.14 $3.09 View Invite
12/2/2008 Embarq's TN Employee PAC Capitol Club Dinner
Embarq $4,349.46 $22.30 View Invite
11/23/2008 Tennessee Titans Tailgate
AT & T; State Farm Insuance; Tennessee Malt Beverage Association $966.00 $3.73 View Invite
11/2/2008 Tennessee Titans Tailgate
McMahan Winstead, State Farm Insurance, Tennessee Malt Beverage Association $1,009.34 $7.65 View Invite
10/27/2008 Tennessee Titans Tailgate
McMahan Winstead, State Farm Insurance, Tennessee Malt Beverage Association $908.86 $3.51 View Invite
10/22/2008 Memphis Grizzlies Charitable Foundation Informational Breakfast
Memphis Grizzlies Charitable Foundation $138.85 $1.04 View Invite
10/2/2008 2008 Bill Russell River Hero Award
Tennessee Clean Water Network $6,119.50 $5.07 View Invite
9/28/2008 Tennessee Titans Tailgate
McMahan Winstead State Farm Insurance Tennessee Malt Beverage Association $781.80 $3.01 View Invite
9/21/2008 Tennessee Titans Tailgate
McMahan Winstead $730.13 $2.82 View Invite
9/14/2008 Raft the Ocoee River
The Ocoee Whitewater Association $936.74 $6.12 View Invite
9/7/2008 Tennessee Titans Tailgate
McMahan Winstead $1,168.81 $3.98 View Invite
9/2/2008 TCCA Regional Meetings
Tennessee County Commissioners Association $10,809.24 $5.76 View Invite
7/29/2008 Red White and Food July Member Event
Tennessee Grocers & Convenience Store Association $458.69 $9.17 View Invite
7/24/2008 Grab and Geaux "go" Lunch at Mother's Next Door Restaurant New Orleans, LA
Johnson & Johnson $2,218.73 $30.00 View Invite
7/22/2008 Dedication of the Nissan Building
Nissan North America $4,075.75 $7.04 View Invite
6/16/2008 State of Tobacco Policy in Tennessee Summitt
The Campaign for a Healthy and Responsible Tennessee (CHART) $7,228.50 $48.19 View Invite
5/2/2008 TAB's 60th Anniversary Gala
Tennesse Association of Broadcasters $30,000.00 $40.00 View Invite
5/1/2008 Breakfast Honoring Cancer Survivors
American Cancer Society $1,200.00 $6.00 View Invite
4/30/2008 2008 TMBA Brew HaHaHa
Tennessee Malt Beverage Association $5,143.26 $9.58 View Invite
4/23/2008 An Ice Cream Social
Piedmont Natural Gas $1,200.00 $4.00 View Invite
4/22/2008 Legislative Reception
Insurors of Tennessee, Farm Bureau Insurance, State Farm Insurance Companies, Property Casualty Insurance Association of America, Farmers Exchange, Allstate Insurance Companies, Nationwide Insurance Compnaies $16,760.26 $46.57 View Invite
4/22/2008 3rd Annual BBQ Lunch at the Legislative Plaza
The Tennessee Propane Gas Association $3,711.46 $28.12 View Invite
4/17/2008 The Annual Naifeh Coon Supper
Jack Daniels Distillery $2,850.00 $21.59 View Invite
4/9/2008 Breakfast Honoring the Members of the 105th General Assembly
County Officials Association of Tennessee and Tennessee County Services Association $9,423.75 $17.95 View Invite
4/9/2008 Small Business Day Luncheon
National Federation of Independent Business $5,302.68 $1.79 View Invite
4/8/2008 Reception Honoring the 105th General Assembly
The Tennessee Road Builders Association $3,114.02 $3.37 View Invite
4/3/2008 Capital Campaign Reception
The Tennessee Nurses Association $3,338.00 $8.35 View Invite
4/2/2008 The Tennessee Youth of the Year Celebration and Legislative Luncheon
Boys and Girls Clubs Tenness Alliance $4,848.36 $36.73 View Invite
4/1/2008 The Annual Member/Intern Basketball Game
Vanderbilt University $658.75 $3.29 View Invite
4/1/2008 Legislative Breakfast & Health Information Technology/Telemedicine Demonstration
Tennessee Primary Care Association Repsenting Tennessee's Coummunity Health Centers $922.50 $4.61 View Invite
4/1/2008 Vanderbilt's Annual Day on The Hill
Vanderbilt University $5,329.86 $10.66 View Invite
3/28/2008 Legislator of the Year Awards
The Tennessee Development District Associaion $8,192.08 $26.95 View Invite
3/25/2008 Annual TPTA Day on the Hill Reception Aboard the RTA STAR Train
Tennessee Public Transportation Association $5,600.19 $22.05 View Invite
3/24/2008 Legislative Reception Honoring Tennessee's Public Safety First Responders
Motorola $12,176.59 $32.65 View Invite
3/19/2008 Wildlife Heritage Day
Tennessee Wildlife Federations $8,644.34 $7.34 View Invite
3/19/2008 Reception Honoring the 105th General Assembly
Tennessee Podiatric Medical Association $10,127.67 $34.33 View Invite
3/19/2008 Bell Ringer Country Luncheon
Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation $21,129.82 $35.22 View Invite
3/18/2008 Healthy Babies Legislative Reception
The March of Dimes Tennessee Perinatal Association Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses $1,416.69 $10.73 View Invite
3/18/2008 Reception Honoring Members of the 105th General Assembly
Tennessee Health Care Association $6,311.10 $14.97 View Invite
3/18/2008 The Fifthteenth Annual Legislative Reception
The Tennessee Organization of School Superintendents $7,967.11 $23.93 View Invite
3/13/2008 Legislative Reception
Tennessee Assisted Living Federation of America $4,600.00 $19.82 View Invite
3/11/2008 Grand Introduction of Our New Officies
The Home Builders Association of Tennessee $9,925.00 $39.70 View Invite
3/11/2008 20 th Annual Children's Advocacy Days
Tennessee Commission on Children and Youths $9,079.63 $22.51 View Invite
3/10/2008 Annual Cable Days Reception Honoring the 105th General Assembly
Tennessee Cable Telecommunications Association $4,259.56 $17.04 View Invite
3/5/2008 2008 Legislative Reception
Tennessee Forestry Association $13,266.59 $33.50 View Invite
3/4/2008 Reception
Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association $24,648.75 $22.61 View Invite
3/3/2008 Reception
American Council of Engineering Companies $7,021.25 $10.85 View Invite
3/3/2008 Cocktail Buffett
The Association of Tennessee Life Insurance Companies $10,422.31 $34.81 View Invite
2/28/2008 VIP Reception and Private Preview of Treasures from the Vault: Tennessee Artifacts-Legislator's Choice
The Board of the Tennessee State Museum Foundation and the JD JackDaniel Distillery $5,226.08 $13.06 View Invite
2/27/2008 2nd Annual Leaders & Legislators Breakfast2/27,3/8, 3/12
The Tennessee Disability Coalition & The Arc of Tennessee $7,526.65 $41.32 View Invite
2/27/2008 Luncheon
The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) The International Interior Dseign Association (IIDA) $6,991.01 $36.60 View Invite
2/26/2008 Day On The Hill
Tennessee School Board Association $15,275.23 $24.51 View Invite
2/26/2008 96th Annual Meeting Reception
Tennessee Chamber of Commerce & Industry $14,550.34 $7.40 View Invite
2/26/2008 5th Annual TMBA Brew Ha-Ha!
Tennessee Malt Beverage Association $6,004.72 $10.82 View Invite
2/26/2008 Reception Honoring General Assembly
The Blind/ Vendors of Tennessee $7,579.08 $37.90 View Invite
2/25/2008 TPA Legislative Reception
Tennessee Pharmacists Association $10,738.75 $29.42 View Invite
2/25/2008 Day On the Hill Honoring The Knoxville Area Legislative Delegation
Knoxville Chamber $1,004.00 $6.56 View Invite
2/25/2008 "Winter Picnic"
Beverage Association of Tennessee (formerly Tennessee Soft Drink Association) $7,789.51 $29.22 View Invite
2/20/2008 Reception in Honor of the Legislators and Staff of the 105th Tennessee General Assembly
The Tennessee Association of Utility Districts $11,246.00 $13.15 View Invite
2/19/2008 "Big Shrimp" Reception
Tennessee Bar Association $8,245.98 $24.47 View Invite
2/19/2008 Reception Honoring Sen. Lamar Alexander
The Tennessee Independent Colleges and Universities Association $3,901.65 $13.14 View Invite
2/19/2008 2008 TMEPA Legislarive Reception
Municipal Electric Systems of Tennessee $19,341.85 $30.13 View Invite
2/13/2008 Legislative Breakfast
Tennessee Association of Alcohol, Drug & other Addiction Services $1,315.48 $4.19 View Invite
2/13/2008 4th Annual Legislative Event
Tennessee Statewide Affordable Housing Coalition Tennessee Association of Housing and Redevelopment Authorities Community Housing Development Association of Tennessee $2,465.93 $26.95 View Invite
2/13/2008 2008 Opening Reception
Tennessee Press Association $7,183.58 $25.56 View Invite
2/12/2008 Volunteer Legislative Lucheon & Legislative Reception
Tennessee Hospital Association $21,355.15 $19.70 View Invite
2/6/2008 Reception Honoring 105th General Assembly
The Southern College of Optometry $7,711.98 $10.10 View Invite
2/6/2008 Wines of the South Awards Reception
Tennessee Farm Winegrowers Association $4,347.00 $10.42 View Invite
2/5/2008 Annual Legislative Reception
Tennessee Chamber of Commerce Executives Tennessee Industrial Development Council Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development $11,611.78 $20.52 View Invite
2/5/2008 Day on the Hill Luncheon
Tennessee Industrial Development Council $7,124.85 $12.59 View Invite
2/5/2008 Reception of Members of the Tennessee General Assembly and Banker of Tennessee
Tennessee Bankers Association $8,830.87 $7.30 View Invite
1/28/2008 Post State of the State Address Reception
Southrn Strategy Group $6,712.33 $13.70 View Invite
1/28/2008 Reception Honoring Tennessee State Officials and Legislators
Tennessee Performing Arts Center Sponsored by Piedmont Natural Gas Company $6,136.00 $15.34 View Invite
1/28/2008 DeBusk College o Esteopathic Medicine Ecomonic Impace Study Announcement
Lincoln Memorial University $636.83 $3.09 View Invite
1/24/2008 Reception Honoring the Greater Memphis Legislartive Delegation
NFIB $6,170.25 $4.56 View Invite
1/10/2008 Annual Legislative Dinner
Chattanooga/Hamilton County Medical Society $2,164.25 $38.20 View Invite