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Our mission is to exceed the expectations of our customers, the taxpayers, by operating at the highest levels of accuracy, cost-effectiveness, and accountability in a customer-centered environment.
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For the past four years, I have gathered our Nashville-based employees to participate in an event titled "Mission Focus." These meetings are great opportunities for me to praise our dedicated employees for a job well done in setting the highest standard for what their fellow Tennesseans can expect from state government. My colleagues and I in the department of state take great pride in serving our state. We are always asking ourselves how we can best deliver services to our customers and how we can create value in every transaction. Because of our customer-centered approach, our exemplary personnel continue to amaze me in the number of compliments we receive from our... Read More.

There won't be a presidential election in Tennessee this year. But that doesn't mean polling places across the state will remain quiet.

Elections for many county government offices will be held this year, starting with primary elections on May 6. In all, 58 of Tennessee's 95 counties will be holding at least one primary on that date. Winners in those primaries will advance to the Aug. 7 general election ballot.

Election offices across Tennessee will work hard to appoint and train poll officials representing both major parties to conduct fair, honest and accurate elections. With a recent change in state law, state employees are now allowed to serve as... Read More.

He lovingly called her "Toad." She affectionately referred to him as "Oll." And although they shared political views that were out of step with many of their East Tennessee neighbors, Oliver Caswell King and his sweetheart Catherine Rebecca Rutledge managed to keep their romance alive through the hardships imposed by the Civil War.

Thanks to a generous donation by the Sullivan County couple’s descendants, Olivia King Inman and Judge Dennis H. Inman of Morristown, love letters between King and Rutledge will soon be available for public viewing at the Tennessee State Library and Archives.

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Apostilles and authentications are documents issued by the Secretary of State to certify officials' signatures on other Tennessee documents so they can be used in foreign countries. For example, parents who are adopting a child from India would obtain an apostille from the Secretary of State to certify the authenticity of the signature of the state registrar who signed the parents' Tennessee birth certificates.

The Secretary of State's Business Services division has made some changes that make it easier to navigate the apostille/authentication process. A helpful information page (Read More.

A delegation from the People's Republic of China recently met with Tennessee officials to discuss economic development and tourism-related issues. The group, from the Chinese embassy in Washington, visited all three grand divisions of the state. Senator Steve Southerland, pictured here with Secretary Hargett, arranged most of the group's itinerary in Tennessee. Minister Jie Li, the third highest-ranking official at the Chinese embassy in Washington, talked about bringing more manufacturing jobs and tourism dollars to Tennessee, while continuing educational exchanges between his country and ours.

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Did you know that more than 150 nonprofit organizations are hosting approved annual gaming events in Tennessee this year? These events range from raffles, duck races and reverse raffles - all which operate for the benefit of some type of charitable cause.

These organizations applied to the Secretary of State's Division of Charitable Solicitations and Gaming during a seven-month window that closed December 31, 2013. The division reviewed the applications and forwarded the list of eligible events to the General Assembly, which provided final approval.

In order to be considered eligible to hold an event, an organization must be registered as a 501(c)(3) for... Read More.

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