Tennessee Department of State - Elections
Unofficial List of 2010 Candidates

Disclaimer: This list is unofficial until it is determined that each candidate has met the statutory requirements for the office they are seeking. Names for those running for the state legislature have been submitted to the state division of elections by the local county election administrator.

Candidates for U.S House and Governor

Candidates for Tennessee Senate and House

Tennessee Senate and House Petitions Filed


TNH= Tennessee House
TNS=Tennessee Senate
Candidate Party County
TNH01 Jon C. Lundberg Republican SULLIVAN
TNH02 Tony Shipley Republican SULLIVAN
TNH02 Nathan Vaughn Democrat SULLIVAN
TNH03 Joe Mike Akard Democrat SULLIVAN
TNH03 Richard S. "Rick" Armstrong, III Republican SULLIVAN
TNH03 Scotty Campbell Republican JOHNSON
TNH03 Nick Collette Republican SULLIVAN
TNH03 Sherry Greene Grubb Republican SULLIVAN
TNH03 Marvin Gurley Republican SULLIVAN
TNH03 Timothy Hill Republican SULLIVAN
TNH03 Carl Michael Howard Republican JOHNSON
TNH03 Parke S. Morris Independent SULLIVAN
TNH03 Thomas White Independent SULLIVAN
TNH04 Jerome Cochran Republican CARTER
TNH04 Pricilla Steele Republican CARTER
TNH04 Kent Williams Independent CARTER
TNH05 Karen Sherry Brackett Independent UNICOI
TNH05 David B. Hawk Republican GREENE
TNH06 Kevin Flanary Republican WASHINGTON
TNH06 Dale Ford Republican WASHINGTON
TNH07 Matthew Hill Republican WASHINGTON
TNH07 Todd Mrozek Democrat WASHINGTON
TNH07 Jesse Overbey Independent WASHINGTON
TNH08 Scott A. Hughes Republican BLOUNT
TNH08 Geoff King Republican BLOUNT
TNH08 Joe McCulley Republican BLOUNT
TNH08 Marvin Pratt Democrat SEVIER
TNH08 Art Swann Republican BLOUNT
TNH09 Mike Harrison Republican HAWKINS
TNH10 Vickey L. Gilbert Democrat HAMBLEN
TNH10 Don Miller Republican HAMBLEN
TNH10 Sonny K. Moore Republican HAMBLEN
TNH10 Larry D. Mullins Democrat HAMBLEN
TNH11 Jeremy Faison Republican COCKE
TNH11 Eddie Yokley Democrat GREENE
TNH11 David Zellers Republican COCKE
TNH12 Gary T. Eichmann Democrat SEVIER
TNH12 Richard Montgomery Republican SEVIER
TNH13 Harry Tindell Democrat KNOX
TNH14 Ryan Haynes Republican KNOX
TNH15 Joe Armstrong Democrat KNOX
TNH16 Bill Dunn Republican KNOX
TNH17 Mike Dockery Democrat JEFFERSON
TNH17 Frank S. Niceley Republican JEFFERSON
TNH18 Sam Alexander Democrat KNOX
TNH18 Steve Hall Republican KNOX
TNH18 Jonathan Katsiros Republican KNOX
TNH18 Gary Loe Republican KNOX
TNH19 Harry Brooks Republican KNOX
TNH20 Bob Ramsey Republican BLOUNT
TNH21 Jimmy Matlock Republican LOUDON
TNH22 Eric Watson Republican BRADLEY
TNH23 John W. Forgety Republican MCMINN
TNH24 Kevin D. Brooks Republican BRADLEY
TNH25 Kevin Klingberg Independent CUMBERLAND
TNH25 Charles Ray Rains Democrat BLEDSOE
TNH25 Cameron Sexton Republican CUMBERLAND
TNH25 Eric Swafford Republican BLEDSOE
TNH26 Gerald McCormick Republican HAMILTON
TNH27 Richard Floyd Republican HAMILTON
TNH28 Tommie F. Brown Democrat HAMILTON
TNH28 Teresa Wood Republican HAMILTON
TNH29 JoAnne Favors Democrat HAMILTON
TNH30 Vince Dean Republican HAMILTON
TNH31 Jim Cobb Republican RHEA
TNH32 Jason J. Bagnell Republican ROANE
TNH32 Dennis Ferguson Democrat ROANE
TNH32 Julia Cheyanne Hurley Republican LOUDON
TNH32 James E. Tapp Democrat ROANE
TNH33 Johnny Cupp, Jr Republican ANDERSON
TNH33 Jim Hackworth Democrat ANDERSON
TNH33 John D Ragan Republican ANDERSON
TNH34 Bill Shacklett Democrat RUTHERFORD
TNH34 Mike Williams Democrat RUTHERFORD
TNH34 Richard B. Womick Republican RUTHERFORD
TNH35 Dennis "Coach" Roach Republican GRAINGER
TNH36 Keith Clotfelter Democrat CAMPBELL
TNH36 Chad Faulkner Republican UNION
TNH36 Dennis Powers Republican CAMPBELL
TNH36 J. C. White Democrat CAMPBELL
TNH36 Brian S. Whitson Democrat UNION
TNH37 Bill W. Harmon Democrat SEQUATCHIE
TNH38 Kelly Keisling Republican PICKETT
TNH38 Leslie Winningham Democrat SCOTT
TNH39 David Alexander Republican FRANKLIN
TNH39 George W. Fraley Democrat FRANKLIN
TNH40 Pleas Ford Independent MACON
TNH40 James C Hale Democrat DEKALB
TNH40 Terri Lynn Weaver Republican SMITH
TNH40 Jamie Winkler Democrat SMITH
TNH41 Patrick McCurdy Republican OVERTON
TNH41 John Mark Windle Democrat OVERTON
TNH42 Bill Cody Republican PUTNAM
TNH42 Henry D. Fincher Democrat PUTNAM
TNH42 Ryan Williams Republican PUTNAM
TNH43 Charles Curtiss Democrat WHITE
TNH44 Terry David Johnson Republican SUMNER
TNH44 Mike McDonald Democrat SUMNER
TNH44 Jack Roek Republican SUMNER
TNH44 Matt Wynne Republican SUMNER
TNH45 Charles Ihrig Democrat SUMNER
TNH45 Jay Kalbes Independent SUMNER
TNH45 Debra Young Maggart Republican SUMNER
TNH46 Stratton Bone Democrat WILSON
TNH46 Mark Pody Republican WILSON
TNH47 David Clark Democrat COFFEE
TNH47 Judd Matheny Republican COFFEE
TNH48 Joe Carr Republican RUTHERFORD
TNH48 David B. LaRoche Democrat RUTHERFORD
TNH49 Kent Coleman Democrat RUTHERFORD
TNH49 Mike Sparks Republican RUTHERFORD
TNH50 Nina Ground Independent DAVIDSON
TNH50 Dave Hall Republican DAVIDSON
TNH50 Gary W Moore Democrat DAVIDSON
TNH50 Dave Rosenberg Independent DAVIDSON
TNH51 Mike Turner Democrat DAVIDSON
TNH51 Charles D Williamson Republican DAVIDSON
TNH52 Mike Stewart Democrat DAVIDSON
TNH53 Daniel T Lewis Independent DAVIDSON
TNH53 Tonya Miller Republican DAVIDSON
TNH53 Janis Baird Sontany Democrat DAVIDSON
TNH54 Brenda Gilmore Democrat DAVIDSON
TNH55 Timothy Lee Republican DAVIDSON
TNH55 Gary Odom Democrat DAVIDSON
TNH56 Beth Harwell Republican DAVIDSON
TNH56 Matthew R Kenigson Democrat DAVIDSON
TNH57 Allen Barry Democrat WILSON
TNH57 Linda Elam Republican WILSON
TNH57 Robert C. Fields Republican WILSON
TNH57 Adam Futrell Republican WILSON
TNH57 Luther C. Lenning Independent WILSON
TNH57 Heather Scott Independent WILSON
TNH58 Mary Pruitt Democrat DAVIDSON
TNH58 Steven Turner Democrat DAVIDSON
TNH59 Duane A Dominy Republican DAVIDSON
TNH59 Sherry Jones Democrat DAVIDSON
TNH60 Tommy Bradley Democrat DAVIDSON
TNH60 Sam Coleman Democrat DAVIDSON
TNH60 Larry Crim Democrat DAVIDSON
TNH60 Jim Gotto Republican DAVIDSON
TNH60 Charles E Hager Democrat DAVIDSON
TNH60 Chris Tobe Democrat DAVIDSON
TNH61 Charles M. Sargent, Jr. Republican WILLIAMSON
TNH62 Joseph C. Byrd Republican BEDFORD
TNH62 Jenny W. Hunt Democrat BEDFORD
TNH62 Pat Marsh Republican BEDFORD
TNH62 Mike Winton Democrat BEDFORD
TNH63 Glen Casada Republican WILLIAMSON
TNH64 Sheila Butt Republican MAURY
TNH64 Gary Carbaugh Republican MAURY
TNH64 Ty Cobb Democrat MAURY
TNH64 Ricky Martin Independent MAURY
TNH65 Eddie Bass Democrat GILES
TNH65 Ted Roop Independent GILES
TNH65 Billy Spivey Republican MARSHALL
TNH66 Billy Paul Carneal Democrat ROBERTSON
TNH66 Joshua G. Evans Republican ROBERTSON
TNH67 Joe Pitts Democrat MONTGOMERY
TNH67 Neil Revlett Republican MONTGOMERY
TNH68 Curtis Johnson Republican MONTGOMERY
TNH68 Brett Ramsey Democrat MONTGOMERY
TNH69 David A. Shepard Democrat DICKSON
TNH69 Wayne White Republican DICKSON
TNH70 Joey Hensley Republican LEWIS
TNH70 Calvin Moore Democrat LAWRENCE
TNH71 Vance Dennis Republican HARDIN
TNH72 Steve K. McDaniel Republican HENDERSON
TNH73 Jimmy Eldridge Republican MADISON
TNH74 John C. Tidwell Democrat HUMPHREYS
TNH75 Willie Butch Borchert Democrat BENTON
TNH75 Tim Wirgau Republican HENRY
TNH76 Andrew H. Holt Republican WEAKLEY
TNH76 Mark L. Maddox Democrat WEAKLEY
TNH77 Judy Barker Democrat OBION
TNH77 Bill Sanderson Republican OBION
TNH78 Phillip Johnson Republican CHEATHAM
TNH78 Danny R. Twork Democrat CHEATHAM
TNH79 Curtis Halford Republican GIBSON
TNH79 Joe M. Shepard Democrat GIBSON
TNH80 Mark Johnstone Republican MADISON
TNH80 Johnny W. Shaw Democrat HARDEMAN
TNH81 Rory Bricco Republican TIPTON
TNH81 Jim Hardin Republican TIPTON
TNH81 Jimmy Naifeh Democrat TIPTON
TNH82 Johnny Edwards Republican LAUDERDALE
TNH82 Craig Fitzhugh Democrat LAUDERDALE
TNH83 Mark White Republican SHELBY
TNH84 Joe Towns, Jr. Democrat SHELBY
TNH84 Mitzi Turnage Democrat SHELBY
TNH85 Edgar A. Babian Republican SHELBY
TNH85 Eddie Jones Democrat SHELBY
TNH85 Johnnie R. Turner Democrat SHELBY
TNH86 Harold M. Baker Republican SHELBY
TNH86 Barbara Cooper Democrat SHELBY
TNH86 George T Edwards III Republican SHELBY
TNH87 Karen D. Camper Democrat SHELBY
TNH87 Justin H. Settles Democrat SHELBY
TNH88 Larry J. Miller Democrat SHELBY
TNH89 Jeanne Richardson Democrat SHELBY
TNH89 Clay Shelton Republican SHELBY
TNH90 John J. Deberry, Jr. Democrat SHELBY
TNH91 Lois M. DeBerry Democrat SHELBY
TNH91 Arnold Weiner Republican SHELBY
TNH92 G. A. Hardaway, Sr Democrat SHELBY
TNH93 Tim Cook Republican SHELBY
TNH93 Mike Kernell Democrat SHELBY
TNH94 Stephanie Nails-Colbeck Democrat HARDEMAN
TNH94 Barrett Rich Republican FAYETTE
TNH95 Christian R. Johnson Independent SHELBY
TNH95 Curry Todd Republican SHELBY
TNH96 Steve McManus Republican SHELBY
TNH97 Jim Coley Republican SHELBY
TNH98 Ulysses Jones, Jr. Democrat SHELBY
TNH99 Ron Lollar Republican SHELBY
TNH99 Tom Stephens Republican SHELBY
TNS01 Steve Southerland Republican HAMBLEN
TNS01 Jackson B. (Jack) West Democrat GREENE
TNS03 Rusty Crowe Republican WASHINGTON
TNS03 Thomas Ken Owens Democrat WASHINGTON
TNS05 Randy McNally Republican ANDERSON
TNS07 Stacey Campfield Republican KNOX
TNS07 Nicholas Ciparro Republican KNOX
TNS07 Steve Hill Republican KNOX
TNS07 Ron Leadbetter Republican KNOX
TNS07 Randy Walker Democrat KNOX
TNS07 Chuck Williams Independent KNOX
TNS09 Mike Bell Republican MCMINN
TNS09 Lou Patten Republican BRADLEY
TNS11 Bo Watson Republican HAMILTON
TNS13 Bill Ketron Republican RUTHERFORD
TNS13 Debbie Matthews Democrat MAURY
TNS15 Charlotte Burks Democrat PUTNAM
TNS15 Gary Steakley Republican PUTNAM
TNS15 Joe B Wilmoth Independent PUTNAM
TNS17 Mae Beavers Republican WILSON
TNS17 Gordon Borck Republican SMITH
TNS17 Aubrey T. Givens Democrat WILSON
TNS17 Sam Hatcher Democrat WILSON
TNS17 Susan M Lynn Republican WILSON
TNS17 George McDonald Democrat SMITH
TNS19 Thelma M Harper Democrat DAVIDSON
TNS21 James P Chesser Republican DAVIDSON
TNS21 Steven Dickerson Republican DAVIDSON
TNS21 Douglas Henry Democrat DAVIDSON
TNS21 Jeff Yarbro Democrat DAVIDSON
TNS23 Jack Johnson Republican WILLIAMSON
TNS25 Doug Jackson Democrat DICKSON
TNS25 Jim Summerville Republican DICKSON
TNS27 Lowe Finney Democrat MADISON
TNS27 Jim Harding Republican CARROLL
TNS27 Don McLeary Republican MADISON
TNS29 Ophelia Ford Democrat SHELBY
TNS29 Robert Hill Republican SHELBY
TNS29 Herman L. Sawyer Independent SHELBY
TNS31 Ivon L. Faulkner Democrat SHELBY
TNS31 Brian Kelsey Republican SHELBY
TNS33 Reginald Tate Democrat SHELBY