Tennessee Department of State - Division of Publications
Emergency Rules

Emergency Rules are rules promulgated due to an immediate danger to the public health, safety or welfare. These rules are effective immediately on the date of filing and remain in effect thereafter for up to 180 days. Unless the rule is promulgated in some permanent form, it will expire after the 180-day period.

Agency Rule Number Rule Title Effective Date End Effective Date Rule ID Sequence ID Rule Web Page Filing
Health Facilities Commission 0720-46 Standards for Temporary Healthcare Staffing Agencies 11/7/2023 5/5/2024 9957 11-03-23 View Rule Web Page View Filing
Board of Physical Therapy 1150-01 General Rules Governing the Practice of Physical Therapy 4/10/2024 10/7/2024 10074 04-05-24 View Rule Web Page View Filing
Emergency Medical Services 1200-12-01 General Rules 4/9/2024 10/6/2024 10072 04-03-24 View Rule Web Page View Filing

*This rule impacts local government.

Department of Health, Health Services Administration 1200-23-01 Food Service Establishment 4/9/2024 10/6/2024 10073 04-04-24 View Rule Web Page View Filing
State, Department of 1360-11-02 Tennessee Businesses Against Trafficking Rules 3/18/2024 9/14/2024 10062 03-13-24 View Rule Web Page View Filing
Fish and Wildlife Commission 1660-02-07 Rules and Regulations Governing Operations of Vessels 2/20/2024 8/18/2024 10018 02-08-24 View Rule Web Page View Filing