Tennessee 110th General Assembly - Private Acts Search
Note: TCA 8-3-202 requires local governments to notify the Secretary of State of action taken on a private act by December 1st of the year passed. If not notified, the act becomes null and void. TCA 8-3-202.

Chapter Number Subject Abstract Bill Number Action
0001 Murfreesboro Subject to local approval, moves the election of mayor and city council to coincide with the regular August or November general election as called; requires vacancy in the office of mayor to be filled by voters in a general election. HB1415 Action Pending
0002 Collierville Subject to local approval, creates term limits for the board of mayor and alderman; makes certain changes to the qualifications for the mayor and aldermen. HB1414 Action Pending
0003 Benton Subject to local approval, changes the name of the municipality from "town" to "city". HB1417 Action Pending